Safety & Comfort

Home Safety & Comfort

Our first priority is the safety of all clients. Each charter / B&B will begin with a yacht safety briefing. The vessel carries all required safety equipment required by the US Coast Guard and much more. All children under 12 will be required to wear a personal flotation device – life jacket while cruising, on the marina docks and while swimming.

While on board the captain will have the final word on any issues regarding the safety of the passengers and vessel.

While planning for your b&b or charter keep in mind that it is always cooler on the water and weather & wind can change quickly. Bring along an extra layer even on warm days. Remember to bring sunglasses and sun screen. Soft sole shoes are essential for your safety so no hard sole shoes please.

Please protect your cell phones and other electronic devices because as all boaters know anything that can go in the water may go in the water …. security of these items is up to you.

Passengers are welcome to bring their own food and beverages on board but refrigerated space is limited so a cooler may be needed.

Remember to bring extra medications that you may need in the event the charter runs longer than planned. Changing weather conditions and other unforeseen events can delay your planned return time – be prepared.

If any in your party are prone to motion sickness a motion sickness pill should be taken 2-4 hours before arriving for your cruise. the vessel is quite stable but it’s good insurance for your special day on the water.